Communion News and Information 2020

Farewell to Stella Maris June 2020

Summer Solstice will  dawn on this lovely place to find it in the care of new owners. May they find joy in its beauty.

May they care for it with respect for its earth and trees, its lake and all its wild creatures.

May those among us in the Communion who experienced its sacred space in September of 2018

hold the memory in our hearts with gratitude.


Winter Solstice Zoom Celebration

Thursday December 20, 2018

Photo by Brenda Peddigrew

In the darkest time on our planet, the dawn light returns, bringing new life.
How do we discover together how to open our lives, our hearts to receive the light that waits to enter?

I invite you into a Communion Zoom Gathering to mark the eve of the sacred, magical time of the winter solstice.

Through story, ritual, music, images and poetry, we shall fan the embers of our hearts, preparing the way for the ever-new coming of the Beloved into our lives.

Thursday December 20, from 7 to 8 pm (Eastern Time Zone)

Anne Kathleen McLaughlin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Communion of Creative Fire
Time: Dec 20, 2018 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 384 858 747
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If you have not yet joined Zoom (membership is free) here is what to do to join before the December 20th Zoom Call:

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Gathering for the Communion September 27-30, 2018

Nine members of our Communion gathered at Stella Maris, the Grey Sisters' Holiday House,

near Pembroke Ontario, Canada from September 27-30, 2018.

We arrived for dinner Thursday evening and stayed together until mid-morning on Sunday.

Sophia welcomed us with this magnificent sunset on Thursday night

Carol (left) greets Shirley (centre ) while Corinne (right ) walks the labyrinth that Carol brought to us for the weekend.

(back row left to right: Ellyn, Carol, Corinne, Clara. Colette, Mary Teske

front row left ot right: Mary Ellen, Anne Kathleen)

Shirley is the photographer.

Here are some reflections about the weekend:

Coco writes:

Much love dear Friends

It was a blessing and a great joy to share these beautiful moments together.

Thank you for your laughter and your loving presence

Shirley writes: 

Our gathering at Stella Maris was truly a Blessing on many levels. For me, there was a sense of oneness,

reverence, celebration and joy surrounded by a strong soul force.

I enjoyed the inclusiveness of Earth as we watched the gorgeous sunsets

and Mary's fires together.

Earth was included as we walked, danced, shared, sang amongst the majestic pines.

Carol's labyrinth "Tula" was decorated with nature as we included stones, leaves, feathers, birch bark and pine needles.

The deep listening provided by each of you was the heart of our weekend which I found extraordinary.

May the Divine Energy of the power of eight bring us all back into relationship with each other and with Earth.

Thank You to each of you for who you are and all the ways your light shone through.
Hope to see you amongst the pines again.

Noreen writes: I have my hand on the card, the group sent to me, since Friday.

Thank you so much –it is so reflective in beauty. The glowing stone in the center is significant.
Please convey my sincere thanks for your and their kind, generous words of support, love and gratitude.

I truly felt the Spirit’s presence as I prepared Wisdom/Sophia.

I have prayed the content over and over and each time feel something so deep and alive within me.

I did myself a deep favour by offering a contribution to the gathering.

Shirley promises to come to share with Patty and me very soon.

Both Patty and I have appreciated the reflections put forward by many of the attendants at Stella Maris.

Carol writes (along with her photos posted on our facebook page)

:Delightful and energizing gathering at Stella Maris.....grateful to everyone who hosted us in such warm and welcoming ways. 


Photo Gallery 

Communion Members whom I met on my April roadtrip to North Bay and Sudbury Ontario,

to Holy Wisdom Monastery in Wisconsin, to Thomas Merton's Hermitage and to the Festival of Faiths in Louisviile, Kentucky.

Noreen Muldoon and Patty Ann Dennis in North Bay


Shirley Favot in Sudbury

Suzanne Belz and I at Holy Wisdom Monastery

Near Thomas Merton's Hermitage: Ellyn Crutcher with Brother Paul, who was one of Thomas Merton's Novices  

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