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The "Communion of Creative Fire" is a virtual community of women committed to a daily practice of deep listening to the Sacred, in the manner of and inspired by mystics of many ancient faith paths, in particular the Sufi mystics such as Rumi, Rabia and Hafiz, and the medieval Christian mystics Hildegard of Bingen and Julian of Norwich. We take inspiration from the words of the early twentieth century Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin who wrote of the "diaphany of the divine at the heart of a glowing universe, the divine radiating from the depths of matter-a-flame".

Brigid, Celtic woman of the threshhold, who stood at the doorway of the rebirth of spirituality in Fifth Century Ireland, and kept, with her community, a sacred fire burning through the next thousand years, is our model.

Our Commitment

In this image I see a many-colored cloak spreading through our Communion in the same way thatBrigid spread a cloak across her land.  Belonging to the Communion of Creative Fire broadens and deepens my spiritual horizons.

The weekly reflections and online sharing support my desire to be in touch with my heart’s longings.

My sisters in this Communion encourage and support a creative, alive, feminine spirituality needed for our times.I know evermore the treasure of walking the path of our Communion of Creative Fire. 

Yvette's Wording of the Commitment: (February 2019)

To continue this journey with other women, I commit to:

Live Openness to Sacred Mystery through a daily rhythm of contemplative practice including one hour each week devoted to reflection and prayer based on the kreativefire website Reflections and Gathering Space postings.

Share insights and understanding through group emails and on our private facebook page that favor not only my self-articulation of spiritual meaning, but also affirm and encourage the inspirations, desires, and lived experiences of group members.


Take Creative Fire into my daily life, ministry, and relationships by mirroring the joy, courage, and compassion I receive through the Communion.


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